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About this blog

I’ve wanted to write this blog for a long time.

There are lots of idiots in Paganism today: people who lie, spiritual teachers who can’t get their lives together, authors who write about things they know nothing about, etc.

We as Pagans often overextend our natural tolerance of others. So much so that people who rightly deserve to be mocked end up barely criticized.

This blog is about criticizing those people and their ideas. Often, harshly.

Many people will disagree with the entire idea of this blog.

I don’t care.

This blog is one voice among many. Please keep that in mind. If you want nicer blogs there are a lot to choose from. You could easily write your own.

This blog is not meant to be the sole source of information on Paganism. As the writer, I would be appalled if someone interested in Paganism read only this blog, and not the blogs of Jason Pitzl-Waters or others.

This blog is negative. The entire point is to verbally lambast and maim. It’s not about building community or consensus.

This blog is about hating on dumb Pagans.

Commenting policy: anything goes, excepting spam. I expect polarized comments: some people will agree with me, some people will disagree vehemently.

The main thing I need you to understand before posting a comment is this: it’s highly unlikely I care about your opinion. Whether you agree with me or not. Maybe other commenters will care, but I probably will not.

Corrections are welcome.

I prefer commenters to be Pagans themselves. Not that that matters though. Write what you want.

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