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Witch’s Wit Ale

November 14, 2010

I don’t have readers yet, and the story is over, so this may be a post without a point.

But the last post wasn’t hateful enough, so I need to get my quota up.

Anyway, my contribution to the brouhaha is an excerpt from an email I was forwarded, written by either the lady who discovered the offending Witch’s Wit label or one of her mewling compatriots.

Merry Meet All,

The Lost Abbey brewery released a new beer this month called “Wtch’s Wit”, and on the label is a picture of a Witch Burning at the Stake. I mean REALLY???????? I do not drink, and do not know this Brand anyway. But REALLY, A Burning Witch. And Again, WHERE does the HATE STOP?????????
Let us all Boycott this beer, and this Brewery for this Hate imagery they are using to sell there product, PLEASE. Below is some Links to the site and to write them a letter, and or call them with your/our message.”

I loved this mail so hard.

Let us all…be required to take a first grade Language Arts test before being allowed to practice “the Craft of the Wise.”


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